by Carlalet Reyeg San Gaspar

The philosophy behind outdoor advertising is to draw people in. What might have began as simple store signs and posters up on walls and store windows might have triggered advertising to further into the horizon.

One of the most popular outdoor advertisement materials is vinyl banners. We see them up high and we see them hanging quite low. Vinyl banners can be seen anywhere and it remains to be seen.

Vinyl banners are bold prints used to attract attention in high-traffic places and other strategic locations. But unlike other print materials, vinyl or scrim banners stretch up much longer or wider than others.

Vinyl banners, though mostly designed to hold texts for announcements or promotions, can also be made to include images. With today's technology and advances in printing equipments, banners are not just filled with dull letters and longer.

Make your vinyl banners stand out and include your company logo, product images and the like. It will entice the crowd to better take a second look. It also increases your company brand or logos more exposure, making it altogether more memorable.

There are numerous ways to creatively design your vinyl banners. But there are also numerous ways to designing a readable and effective vinyl banners. Here are just some of the 5 most practical tips.

1. Colors
The colors of your vinyl banners should be rich and brilliant. Bright colors are ideal for it easily stands out. Colors for your images should be the same to make your graphics more striking and lively.

Complementary colors greatly contrast each other. These pairs of colors sit directly across each other in the color wheel. An example would be yellow and blue.

2. Background
The basic white background is commonly seen among vinyl banners. Naturally, dark colors are ideal for the fonts for it to float up and be more visible.

A dark background keeps popping up as an alternative background option. This requires bright colored fonts that would offset the text, making it stand out from the overwhelming background.

A colored background on vinyl banners should use font colors that would stand out. Or else, Analogous colors, or those colors that sit beside each other in the color wheel, may cause your prints to become dull. The reason being is that analogous colors blend together well. Thus, your text might not be as noticeable as you would have hoped against the background.

3. Fonts
Everyone knows that it pays to use plain, bold fonts for vinyl banner. But other than using thick fonts, be sure to assess your prints if the texts are legible. Spaces between letters should be observed such that they don't crowd. Fonts that are too close would make it impossible to gain a clear sight of the text from a certain distance.

Make sure too that the fonts are large enough to be read. Also, make sure to emphasize the most important message on your vinyl banner. Promotions, for example, make it a point to have "attractive" words in bold, big letters, such as free, sale, discount and the like.

4. Visibility
Consider the location and see whether your banners are visible in all angles. Location is very important and it pays to maximum your vinyl banner's visibility.

It also helps to check at what point in the distance would you want your banner to be visible. There might be certain obstructions in the light of sight of your banners and placing them a little higher or lower might just do the trick.

5. Size
Be sure to measure up and see what the exact size you'll be needing for your banners. Too little and it may be overwhelmed by other objects in plain sight.

The size of your banner and banner fonts also depends upon whether you want people to read your banner further down the road or just within a closer distance.

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