by Carlalet Reyeg San Gaspar

Brochure printing has been around the corner for ages. Many companies, both small scale and big scale, have used it to advertise and promote their products. And for a long time, they have been reaping the rewards of a successful brochure that sells.

By this we mean brochure printing that is designed to sell ideas and sell products. Design and content go hand in hand in order to captivate readers and audiences.

Colorful, brilliant prints arrest the attention of your target market. It even amplifies their interests and motivates them to read your brochure. Graphics and a well laid out brochure too further encourage reading. Don't you notice how magazines and tabloids look so interesting and what makes it so?


1. Quality, colorful images attracts the eyes. Pictures serve as a reference which provides readers a solid proof to validate what your products look like. It allows them assess your products and entice them to buy.

2. Pictures that act as a validation helps sell desired solutions that your products can bring. Before and after photo are very suggestive and persuasive.

3. Images help communicate the concept or idea behind your brochure. If you aim to sell a desire or a fantasy, then a pleasing image is the way to do. If you're a travel agency, you can evoke a sense of fun or relaxation through images of exciting activities or just people lounging by the beach, respectively.

4. Photos can effectively capture the imagination of your readers. If you have a product endorser like a famous Hollywood celebrity, then use them on your brochures.

Clients can transfer qualities that they desire, from admiring the celebrity's skin to using and buying your products for said results.

While images make brochures more attractive, it is the content that holds your target audience's attention. Having your brochures read is one of the ultimate goals. It allows your target audience to have an information and perception of your product.

Effective content also gives you the benefit of persuading them. By selling the idea or getting your message across, you can entice your target audience to buy.

What makes for an effective content in brochures is to carefully plan out what will be your products' or services' strongest selling points. Which facet are you going to emphasize? Moreover, how will you organize such information without losing their interest?


5. Exercise brevity. Contents for your brochures shouldn't be too long. Keep sentences neat and short. It helps your readers digest your ideas piece by piece.

6. Word choice is an important element in writing. Target your language according to your target market. You might want to use more professional language for your high end products and services.

7. Lingo or slang words too are best suited for niches. It can create an immediate response from your target audience since they can adequately arrive at the points you are trying to make.

8. Catchy words for your headline does not necessarily involve words that are popular. Popular catch phrases easily fizzle out after much use. Their meanings may also turn out to be too vague or ambiguous for use.

9. Generally, it is better to use simple words that could easily translate your concepts and ideas. Combine and create catchy phrases that will tickle their fancy or imagination. Innovative ideas can better capture your message and your brand's image.

10. Focus your content on your audience. Use the second person point of view "You" to refer to your readers and first person point of view for the company such as "We."