As your Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner, we have in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and seasoned advice that can help your business reach new customers and grow sales.


When customers sort their mail, your message gets right into their hands — direct mail simply cannot be ignored. It makes an impact, and can increase the effectiveness of your digital and social marketing when used together. In fact, direct mail is shown to have 30 times the response rate of email.


Direct mail marketing lets you effectively reach customers in your neighbourhood or across Canada for much less than you might expect. And when you use coupons or promotion codes, you can track results to see precisely how effective your marketing investment is.

Let us show you how to start delivering more results for your business.


Talk to one of our direct mail specialists. We'll show you how easy it is to market your business through the mail. We can take care of all the work, from designing your piece to printing and delivering it to Canada Post, so you can focus on your business. It's a smart and easy way to find new customers.

Personalized Mail

(formerly Addressed Admail™)

Reach your customers
Canada Post Personalized Mail™ service is the cost-effective way to market to your existing customers with offers that appeal to their personal needs and interests. It's also a smart way to acquire new customers through rented lists — after all, the mailbox is Canada's favourite way to receive promotional messages.

Neighbourhood Mail

(formerly Unaddressed Admail™)

Find new customers with your marketing and special offers

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ finds exactly the right customers for your business. Choose your delivery areas with the help of targeting options that include geographic, age, education and lifestyle information.